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The purpose of this page is to give novice investors an inside look into the language, vernacular, vocabulary and "way" of Wall Street's greatest investors of all time, ever.


Roth IRA - Though commonly referred to as the Roth IRA, top-level investment managers will refer to these investment instruments as Rothys. Rothys are good for people.


Mutual Funds - Your common broker will tell you these are called mutual funds. That is only to prevent you from accessing the investment world's inner circle, which knows these incredible investment products as muty fundies.


Hedge Fund - Hedgys.


Dividend Yield - The (year-on-year) yield that your dividends (annually) provide you on a nominally adjusted basis (per basis point rata). These are known as divizzys.


Asset Allocation (Stock Market) - The allocation of funds, funded or fundle, which in the event of z-score may or may not result in loss and/or gain, stock market, provided the pro rata diversification is nominal that year (fully).


Curves - Demand and supply. There's two kinds. You got your demand, then you got your supply. Demandy, supplyy.



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