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Correlation: Which of the following words does not belong?


A) Sandals

B) Sneakers

C) Boots

D) Slippers

E) Rat Poison


Completion: Choose the word that best completes the following sentence:


" I think I know what you're trying to say. You think we should have an abortion. Well it's my baby too. So ________ !"


A) goodbye

B) go

C) flowers

D) no thanks

E) if you don't get out of my house right now I will introduce you to the back of my hand. It's your choice. I recommend turning around and walking away quickly."

Analogies: Select the phrase that exhibits the closest relationship as the following phrase:


Skiing is to painful scalding as:


A) Gwenyth Paltrow is to acting

B) Motley Crue is to cool

C) Cheese is to cow

D) Leg is to legs

E) Ant is to ab

F) D is to R

G) Bat


Math: Do the following math.


One of those Segway things (you know those things you see on the Tonight Show where you ride on them standing up) leaves Houston at 7 PM traveling at a speed of over 4 Miles Per Hour (MPH). At the same time, Sven Q. Banker deposits 37 ï¿½ in a Swiss bank account. Assuming both actions occurred at the same time, meaning Sven Q. Banker made his deposit at 7 PM, which of the following Canadian provinces would have the largest displacement if you could measure land by displacement (so far you can't do this)?


A) Quebec

B) Vancouver

C) Ottawa

D) Hockey

E) Montreal



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